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Dylan's Animal Adventure Guides are a fun way to explore and learn more about endangered species, conservation, and making a difference.  Each booklet is designed so that kids will enjoy being a part of the adventure and not feel like they are reading a textbook.

The Original Adventure Guide will take you on a journey through Africa and Asia. Based on the curriculum from Dylan's Animal Adventure Camp in 2013, and filled with educational activities, games, and crafts, kids are sure to love exploring and learning more with Dylan.  28 page booklet.


Proceeds from The Original Adventure Guide will be donated to San Diego Zoo Global and designated for the conservation of Rhinos during the month of April. Support the cause with us and #Rally4Rhinos

Our adventure guides are e-booklets that will be sent to you in pdf format once payment has been confirmed.

All adventure guides come with a set of coordinating coloring pages. Perfect for parents, grandparents, homeschooling parents, teachers, and anyone who just loves learning more about animals!

*If you would like to purchase multiple copies/downloads, please contact