My name is Dylan and I am so glad you decided to join me on my adventures. We are going to have lots of fun together learning about endangered animals, conservation, and how we can help save them. 

My mom and I had so much fun sharing our love of animals with kids last summer that we wanted to continue our journey of teaching others about endangered species and conservation. So we created Dylan's Animal Adventures

Dylan's Animal Adventure activity booklets are designed for kids ages 5-11, but I heard that grown-ups like them too! Each booklet is filled with animal fun facts, arts and crafts, coloring pages, and so many more ways to make learning fun. The first booklet is all about what kids learned at Dylan's Animal Adventure Camp over the summer and our next booklet will be all about Big Cats. 

But wait, the adventure doesn't stop there. Every few months I will be going on a new adventure and releasing a new booklet so you can come along with me. 

Come on, join the adventure so we can explore and learn more together!

                                                       - Dylan Fryer